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Established in the year 1958, Auto Steels is Indiaís prominent manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Automobile Leaf Springs for a wide variety of Indian & Foreign vehicles.  Our range of Automobile  Parts includes Parabolic and Non Parabolic Leaf Spring, Leaf Spring Assembly , Center Bolts, U Bolts, and Torsion Bars. Apart from the Automobile Products, we are also into manufacturing of Agricultural Rotavator Blades. Our products are manufactured using high quality steel as raw material,procured  from reputed steel suppliers, as listed below.
EN45, EN45A, EN47, EN48, EN48A, 60Si7, 65Si7, SUP-6, 7,9,11, 50CRV4, 51CR ,MOV4. 

Our company has more than 50 years of vast experience in manufacturing, exporting and supplying of automobile laminated and parabolic leaf springs for all kinds of vehicles. Our organization is an ISO 9001:2008 Co. certified by DNV, which speaks volumes about the kind of quality, which is offered by us. We constantly strive for upgrading our technology and products so that a high level of client satisfaction is maintained. Also we have capacity & capability to produce, develop any type of design for any kind of leaf spring, whether Conventional or Parabolic, Torsion Bars Springs of various Sizes & thickness of Steel of Different specification as per customerís requirement. Due to our well-developed infrastructure and wide distribution network, we have been able to cater to more than 10,000 clients in a month. Moreover, we have garnered the trust and appreciation of 2.5 million satisfied clients in India and abroad. Also the automobile components offered by us are exported to Asia, Africa, Middle East, Far East, South Africa, Europe and other African Countries.

Owing to our quality centric approach we have been awarded BHARAT RATNA VISVESVERAYA AWARD in 1986 and in 1992 .In recognition of the outstanding performance & quality, this award was given by the then His Excellency, Honorable president of India Late Gaini Zail Singh.

Our Promoters

Our organization was established by Late Shree Vishwa Mitra Bahl in 1958. Under his able leadership, we have already redefined the rules of the game. Due to his hard work, sacrifice and passion for creation, the entire industry acknowledges our phenomenal success. We manufacture products that suit the requirements of the customers. His counsel is sought by many organizations of the country on various issues relating to industry .Mr. V. M. Bahl has been the President of All India Manufacturers Organization (DHP) Board and Founder President of Laghu Udyog Bharati (All India Organization for the service of Small Scale Industry). Through his foresight and vision he has tackled various complex issues.

Quality Policy / Processes
The quality policy of our organization is focused on building the confidence of the customer by prompt service and maintaining high quality. Our objective in this regard is given below:
Developing an image of quality products in the market.
Not differentiating in quality from one customer to another.
Maintaining quality & cost consciousness.
Overall improvement and modernization by application of latest technology and equipments Enhancement of employees' productivity through training, motivating and their development. 
Involving suppliers and vendors in quality culture of the organization
Our manufacturing process has been up-dated by introducing ceramic fiber lining furnaces which gives best results by avoiding de-carbonization. The furnaces are equipped with automatic temperature control systems. In addition to this our optical hardness tester, which is well known for its speed and accuracy takes continuous readings on the screen . Furhter more, our high precision microscope is used for checking grain size, inclusion rating and micro-hardness of the finished springs. These objects are attained through the following activities.